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Google Forums Game Upcoming

Update: It’s out! You can play the entire game now without worry of mistakes!

I’m creating a game on Google Forums! It’s not my first one, though. I’ve made three others, but the first one was very unorganized, so I never got very far on Eloise in Eloisia. I think I’ll give out the links to some of my other games here, plus some bonus content: maps of the areas! These can really be lifesavers when you’re lost. First I’ll give you The Dragon Village, a classic fairy tale where you run around, save a kingdom from a cruel tyrant, and finish in time for lunch. How about Slyce and its map next? In Slyce, players explore an even larger area and find out the truth about the huge fox that has been accused of killing people. But then there’s my upcoming game, Waterfalls. Oh, and here’s the map. Keep in mind that for all my Google Forums games, you’ll need a g-mail account to play. Waterfalls, as of 12-29-14, is not yet complete. It’s almost there, though. Get out the map and look at it after you read this. See the areas labeled “Secret Castle” and “The Waterfalls”? That’s all I haven’t done. But for all of these games, don’t think that they are almost the same because of the similarities in their maps. They are all very different and incredibly unique. Shops that are there in one game may not be there in another. You can toss a coin into a fountain here, but there you can’t. I’d like to tell you more about Waterfalls, though. I’ve added several things I’m very proud about. Money limits are much more realistic. You can only buy a certain amount of items before running out at each shop. And as for my random outcomes? I love ’em. If you rummage through some bags behind the Central Inn, you could find various rubbish or gold! Pots and pans or cloth! And finally, introducing Passwords! Passwords enable you to prove you’ve been somewhere. This means you can exit the game and go back to where you were before! For instance, there is a letter somewhere that tells you the Password to get past the guard in Fort Casel. If you don’t know the Password, you’re out of luck. The guard will shoo you away. If you can type it in when he asks you, though, then you enter a crucial part of the story! I’m excited about this new game, and I can’t wait to finish it!


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  1. Like the update says, the game is now officially out! Just click the word “Waterfalls” where it’s underlined for access to the game.

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